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"Poetry from the mind of Natascha Graham takes on a life of its own in the collection SOME OF HER PARTS. Vivid imagery and wild descriptions colour the contemporary topics of break-ups, illicit sexual trysts, ageing, and writers of fiction, among many others. Odes to perfect dream men, Oats (a cat), and Dracula (a masquerader?) are some samples of the subject matter that Graham presents from her day to day observations of people, places, things, and thoughts. Graham's use of paradox, as in "The Boy" is a running theme through the collection ("Don't worry, I'm here; I'm your girl") as well as her tendency to call out individuals in particular ("Jennifer Schecter, For you the words from a salted tongue"), as seen in the title piece, "Some of Her Parts." At times dreamlike with glitter (although often it tarnishes...), and then suddenly venomous, Graham's poetry is consistently brilliant!" - Beth Lynne

"Vivid and provocative" - Delivered Magazine

"Rare and erudite use of the English language...brilliant, original, and cracking along at a pace that makes it sing, stomp and jump like a filly out of the winter stable. Excellent." - Magic Cat Press

"It’s not every day that I find a collection of work that truly speaks to me. In this world of cookie-cutter stories and mindless literature created for the masses, it’s always refreshing to find an author who isn’t afraid to break convention and think outside of the literary sphere. This, however, is exactly what I found in Some of Her Parts by Natascha Graham.

A clear reference to “The L Word’s” resident writer, Jennifer Schecter, Scrivener’s work is both inventive and powerful. In this eclectic collection of both prose and poetry, Graham weaves through various stories, each narrator recounting a treasured memory, a lost love, a repressed fear, or a journey to self-discovery.  Her poetry is moving, defying character gender and orientation to speak to the heart of the reader, to focus on the experience and emotion rather than the person.

In her ode to Jennifer Schecter, Graham unleashes a whirlwind of hatred and admiration for the woman, calling her both a monster and “the demon that tempts me.” The allusion to Jenny’s life and writing is as profound as it is stirring. Graham does a phenomenal job detailing Jenny’s downward spiral and the creative outpouring that resulted as if Jenny acted as her muse and source of her inspiration.

Natascha Graham's anthology doesn’t just focus on Schecter, but also delves into childhood innocence, lost loves, and painful memories. Her writing touches on aspects of life that every single reader can identify with, regardless of gender, orientation, or experience. The raw emotion Graham elicits, especially when her writing turns introspective, is deeply moving and left me wanting more.

While Natascha Graham’s collection of poetry and prose isn’t long, there’s no shortage of power that comes from it. Some of Her Parts is a wonderful foray into the heart and soul of the author as well as the reader." - Christina Hoar

"Poetry. A collection of contemporary poems guaranteed to make you mad, sad, and glad--and whatever other emotions you desire! This is a bedside companion that will remain on your e-book reader forever to help you through all break-ups, affairs, college entrance exams, and writer's block! " - BZ Hercules

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